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Even Though He Gets Older, Mysterio Still Manages To Perform To A High Level Keeping Up His Aura As One Of The Greatest Wrestlers In History

Since John Cena Took A Step Back From A Fulltime Schedule, Roman Reigns Have Been Pushed Into The Spot As The Face Of The Company

The Early 2000S Saw Edge Define The Tlc Match The Midtolate 2000S Had He Become The Number One Heel

Chris Jerichojericho Has Proven Himself To Be One Of The Most Versatile And Creative Performers In All Of Wrestling And Has Produced Some Memorable Characters Over The Years

Stylesaj Styles Longevity In Wwe Isn'T On The Same Level As Others On The List But Styles Impact Elsewhere In The Wrestling Worldthere Is No Denying How Much Of An Important Figure He Was In The Company, Even Though He May Have Received Negative Feedback From Fans At Times

When It Comes To Inring Talent, There Is No One More Gifted Than Shawn Michaels

It Isn'T Too Much Of A Shock That Ortonorton Is On This List, He Has Been At The Top For A Long Time

The Rock Is One Of The Biggest Names To Ever Come Out Of Wwe Because He Was A Bitpart Player In The 21St Century

The Undertaker Character Is Held In High Esteem As Perhaps The Single Greatest Gimmick In Wrestling History With Him Keeping Up Kayfabe For A Good Thirty Years Before Finally Hanging Up His Boots And Walking Away