Wedding insurance is a type of special event insurance that provides financial protection for problems associated with your wedding

There are two major types:

1-Wedding liability insurance

Liability insurance will assist you in compensating for property damage or injuries sustained during your event.

2-Wedding cancellation or postponement

Wedding cancellation or postponement insurance reimburses you if the ceremony or reception is cancelled or postponed.

For example, your policy may cover you if the ceremony was canceled due to extreme weather (such as a hurricane or severe snowstorm), illness, injury, or the failure of a vendor.

Wedding insurance typically covers specific circumstances, but you can purchase additional coverage through optional insurance riders.

A military service rider would cover the costs of rescheduling your event if you or your partner are in the military or active reserves and are called to duty

– Military service.

– Bridal gowns and tuxedo

This rider helps cover the cost of new wedding clothes if the store where you bought them closes.

– Honeymoon

If you need to cancel your honeymoon due to bad weather or illness, a honeymoon rider may reimburse you for your travel expenses.

What Doesn’t Wedding Insurance Cover?

Wedding insurance generally does not cover cancellations or postponements due to cost.

Assume you discover that the ceremony and reception have exceeded your budget and decide to cut back.