Couples are increasingly choosing unconventional wedding locations such as parks, museums, historic mansions, and private estates.

Wedding Event Liability Insurance

Many of these venues now require event organisers to buy liability insurance. Most will also require a host liquor liability provision, which expands coverage to include alcohol-related incidents.

Wedding liability insurance covers you for property damage, bodily injury, and alcohol-related accidents caused by a vendor or guest at the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, or reception.

If you must cancel or reschedule your wedding, get insurance. Your dress, rings, photos, videos, and gifts are also covered if your wedding goes as planned.

Wedding cancellation insurance

During the planning stage, protection against the possibility of losing deposits due to the bankruptcy of a vendor

Reimbursement of any deposits that are non-refundable if the event is cancelled or postponed for a reason that is covered.

Coverage of your rehearsal dinner if it takes place within 48 hours of your wedding.

Purchaseable up to 15 days before your wedding day

Wedding insurance is a type of event insurance that protects you from losses related to your wedding day.

what is wedding insurance

Unexpected events that cause damage or injury at a wedding, extreme weather, venue or vendor problems, and other circumstances may prevent your wedding.

Wedding insurance, like other types of event insurance, is intended to protect you from a variety of potential losses associated with your big day.

These kinds of occurrences are typically protected by either liability coverage or cancellation coverage, depending on the circumstances.