Biden's student loan forgiveness plan has been challenged in court, as well as criticised by Republicans and some Democrats in battleground states.

How to apply for student  loan forgiveness online 

The Biden administration's student loan forgiveness application is live, allowing borrowers to apply easily.

"We're accepting applications to refine our processes before launching the form. You won't need to resubmit a submitted application."

The application for debt relief can be submitted by debtors even if they do not include any proof or documentation to substantiate their eligibility.

Borrower information such as name, social security number, email, phone number, and other details are requested on the simple application.

Individuals earning less than $125,000 per year and married couples earning less than $250,000 per year are eligible for forgiveness.

The plan could wipe out up to $20,000 in Pell Grant debt and up to $10,000 in student debt for individual borrowers.

ABC News says applicants must apply by Nov. 15 to receive loan forgiveness before the pause ends.

When to expect debt relief payments

Because the payment pause ends on December 31, the final deadline to apply for student loan forgiveness will be December 31.

The first of the year 2023 will mark the beginning of the regularisation of the process of repaying student loans.

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Where things stand with Biden's student loan forgiveness plan

The Student Loan Forgiveness Application is now available online.