Sanna Marin has apologised for a photo of two topless women taken at a party in the Finnish prime minister's official residence last month.

The image first appeared on the TikTok account of model and influencer Sabina Särkkä, but it has since been removed.

It depicts her kissing another woman, not Marin, as they lift up their tops and cover their breasts with the word "Finland."

“I think the picture is not appropriate, I apologise for it. Such a picture should not have been taken,” Marin said. 

She claimed that it was taken at her home, Kesäranta, when she hosted friends there on July 8 following the Ruisrock music festival.

At the Helsinki, Finland, seaside home whose name translates to "summer shore," Marin, 36, claimed that the names of her visitors had been disclosed in advance to security personnel.

She claimed that "other than that, nothing extraordinary happened" as they had spent the evening at the beach and in the sauna.

Finnish media reported that a voice on the video shouted "the flour gang," a supposed reference to drugs, but it's unclear if the term was used or what it means.

When elected as prime minister in 2019, Marin became the youngest person in history. She claimed that her ability to make decisions was unaffected.

She claimed that she only consumed a small amount of alcohol and that, if necessary, she "could have left to take care of government tasks."

Li Andersson of the Left Alliance hopes to discuss "more substantive issues" such as "our tasks for this coming difficult winter, the energy crisis, Russia's aggression, fair policies".

New Zealand's prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, was asked about Marin's situation and the double standards women in politics face.