"Don't Worry Darling," starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles as a suburban conspiracy couple, has been discussed for months.

Olivia Wilde fired Shia LaBeouf before FKA Twigs' sexual abuse claims, and now she's dating his replacement, Styles.

Pugh seems to disagree with Wilde on the film's message on female sexuality, fueling rumours of a "Don't Worry Darling" feud.

Pugh received $700,000 for the movie, according to the website Showbiz Galore, while Styles earned $2.5 million.

Actually, Pugh was Wilde's first choice for the role of Alice, one half of the central couple in the movie.

That is, after Wilde opted not to play the lead role herself in favour of casting someone significantly younger.

"Booksmart" director: "I ignore much." "The absurdity of invented clickbait and a nonexistent pay disparity bothers me."

Over the course of more than 20 years in this industry, I have consistently advocated for both myself and others, particularly in my capacity as a director.

Wilde continued by saying, "Celebrity gossip is interesting because it serves as a distraction from the pains of the world."

Escapism is a very human quality that involves looking for ways to numb oneself from the unpleasant aspects of reality.

I don't blame people for seeking escapism, but tabloids pit women against each other and shame them.

Wilde believes we're all complicit in the collective takedown of women, especially in criticising female creatives and filmmakers.