“Sabka number ayega, Jamtara” Season 1 did this effortlessly, which helped it stand out from the plethora of series that attempted to weave their narrative around similar settings.

A film or series has nothing original to say but follows a formula. "Jamtara" came at a time when everyone wanted to tell small-town stories because of their peculiar characters.

Many of these films and series had no particular story to tell and wanted to take advantage of the setting, uniqueness, and flavors

You became aware, as a result of the blatant use of stereotypical language, that the writing was not supported by sufficient research.

In Season 1, “Jamtara” cleared this hurdle and passed the authenticity test with flying colors. With the announcement of Season 2,

The creators had to decide which way they wanted to take the story to keep the franchise’s integrity and give the audience a deeper conflict.

“Sabka Number Aayega, Jamtara” Soumendra Padhi directed Season 2, and Trishant Srivastava wrote it. It is based on an idea developed by Nishank Verma.  

It picks up where Season 1 left off, transporting us to the underprivileged underbelly of Jharkhand’s Jamtara district. 

Soon after, Jamtara witnessed the formation of a phishing ring that filled the pockets of the political elite while fueling the aspirations of the youth. 

The country was still adjusting to the digital age, and these free-spirited youth took full advantage of the general public’s ignorance.