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The Additionshouse Of The Dragon Is A New Game Of Thrones

The First Game Of Thrones Prequel At Hbo Is The House Of The Dragon

The Dance Of The Dragons Is An Epic Tale Of The Targaryen Civil War That Took Place About 150 Years Prior To The Events Of Game Of Thrones

The First House Of The Dragon Was Greenlit Because Of The Many Schemers Involved In The Dance Of The Dragons

There Are New Photos Of The House Of The Dragon And Every Character And Actor Has Been Announced For The Show

Paddy Considine Is The Fifth Targaryen King And His Preference For His Oldest Daughter Rhaenyra Threatens To Tear The Kingdom Apart

The Realm'S Delight Is Called Rhaenyra Targrayenonce And She Is A Popular Princess Who Grew Up Expecting To Be The First Queen Of Westeros

The Eleventh Doctor Slides Into This Role As King Viserys'S Younger Brother

Olivia Cooke Is The Second Wife Of Viserys And Has High Hopes For Her Son

The Hand Of The King Alicent Is His Daughter, Which Is Why Rhys Ifans Is Called Otto Hightowerotto Hightower

The Sea Snake Is The Head Of House Velaryon And Is One Of The Richest And Most Powerful Lords In All Of Westeros

The First Targaryen Princess Who Was Married To A Corlys Velayron Is Eve Best As Rha Rhenys Targaryenrhaenys

Ser Criston Coleser Criston Cole Is The Lord Commander Of The Viserys'S Kingsguard And He Will Play A Very Important Role In The Wars To Come