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The Green Council Meet The Members In The House Of The Dragon Preview

The House Of The Dragon Uses More Than Just Dialogue To Convey The Story, One Of The Most Prominent Pieces Of Symbolism In The Series So Far Is The Costumes

The Puppet Master Of The Entire Operation Is Otto Hightowerser, He Pulls The Strings And Pushes The Buttons

Any Action That Will Hurt Rhaenyra Is Always Taken By Criston

The Younger Twin Brother Of The Lord Of House Is Called Tyland Lannisterser

After Maester Mellos Wrote The Accounts Of The War Which Caused Bias, Grand Maester Orwyle Took The Reins

Jasper Wyldejasper Wylde Is The Head Of House Wylde With Their Seat Being The Rain House He Was Known By The Smallfolk As "Ironrod" Due To His Unbending Nature

The Only Side Larys Is On Is His, He Is Playing The Game For Himself, And He Stands With A Hightower And The Greens Because That Is Most Beneficial To Him

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