First Solar Inc. plans to spend $185 million to expand its Ohio facilities in Perrysburg and Lake townships and build a $1 billion panel factory in the southeast.

The $1.2 billion expansion, according to the Tempe, Arizona-based company, will generate 850 manufacturing jobs.

The new fully integrated factory, which will be First Solar's fourth in America, is expected to open in 2025, subject to permitting and other government approvals.

Congress and the Biden-Harris administration entrusted our industry with enabling America's clean energy future.

"We must respond to the moment in a timely and sustainable manner," First Solar CEO Mark Widmar said in a statement.

First Solar announced plans to invest up to $1.2 billion in expanding its solar panel production in the United States on Tuesday.

Inflation Reduction Act signed by Biden this month. The law allocates $369 billion to climate and energy policies and includes a solar tax credit.

First Solar's investment will add at least 850 manufacturing jobs, bringing its U.S. workforce to over 3,000 by 2025.

In a press release, the largest U.S. solar panel maker said that up to $1 billion will be used to build a new solar panel factory somewhere in the Southeast.

He described the investment as a "important step toward self-sufficiency in solar technology, which in turn supports America's energy security ambitions."