Event insurance, also known as one-day event insurance, can help protect you against financial loss for a single event, such as a wedding. 

Event wedding insurance

Liability insurance, the most common type of event insurance, protects the event holder and the venue from claims resulting from property damage or injuries sustained during the event.

Cancellation insurance, which is available when you purchase liability insurance for your wedding, covers costs if you need to cancel unexpectedly.

Many venues will require you to purchase general liability insurance for your event in order to protect both you and them in the event that someone is injured or property is damaged.

You may even lose your event spot if you do not provide proof of insurance. But if you don't get the right coverage, you could lose even more.

If someone leaves a cooler plug open and damages your hardwood floors, you could face a $10,000 repair bill.

Fortunately, Event Helper can provide you with the necessary coverage. If your Event Helper policy does not meet the insurance requirements of your venue, you will be reimbursed.

Can't insure your event? Event Helper insures rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, festivals, meetings, and more. Event insurance lets you relax on the big day.

Helper insurance costs $105*. (Coverage) Cost depends on number of attendees, event length, and coverages.

How much does event insurance cost?

For instance, the cost of insurance for a large festival that draws 5,000 people and lasts all weekend can reach up to $1,500.

Have more questions about wedding or special event insurance? More information on how special event insurance works can be found in our Wedding & Event Insurance  guide.