There are numerous pet insurance companies available, but we chose the best pet insurance companies based on available reimbursement levels and coverage.

46% of pet owners said an unexpected $500 emergency expense caused financial stress. Pet insurance can protect you from an emergency veterinary bill.

Although there are many pet insurance providers, we chose the top ones based on the range of coverage and reimbursement options.

The best insurance providers let you customize your policy with add-ons that are optional and provide a variety of deductible options and benefit options.

Best Pet Insurance Companies 2022 Best Overall: Nationwide -Up, Best Overall: FigoRunner Best for Multiple Pets and Discounts: MetLife

Nationwide offers pet insurance since 1982. It insures over 1 million pets and is one of the few to cover exotics as well as dogs and cats.

Nationwide's basic accident and illness policy is Major Medical. It addresses treatments and procedures for unexpected injuries or illnesses.

Whole Pet coverage is for unexpected accidents and injuries. It has a $10,000 cap on annual benefits and a $250 deductible.

You have the option of selecting a reimbursement percentage of 50% or 70%. Whole Pet also covers hereditary and congenital conditions in addition to accidents and illnesses.

These plans cover routine and preventative care such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and flea and heartworm prevention.

They have overall annual limits, with Basic having a limit of $400 and Plus having a limit of $500; the limits vary depending on the condition.

The maximum reimbursement—the percentage of your veterinary bill that the insurance company covers—is usually 90% or less with most pet insurance companies.