Low rates and flexible loan amounts are key for construction loans. Low down payment and credit requirements make qualifying easier.

Best Construction Loan Lender

The nation's leading financial institutions typically provide access to construction loans across a wide variety of geographic regions.

Many different types of construction loans are available from numerous lenders, and the one you choose will depend on your individual circumstances.

FMC Lending offers fast funding and no minimum credit score requirements for construction loans.

FMC Lending

Nationwide Home Loans, Inc. is an excellent choice for first-time buyers, offering low to no down payment options and friendly customer service.

Nationwide Home Loans, Inc 

Normandy provides a simple application process, quick funding, and the option to prequalify for borrowers looking to secure a loan from an online lender.


GO Mortgage Corporation offers construction loans with low down payment requirements and a dedicated lending team to assist you throughout the process.

GO Mortgage Corporation

If you need a flexible construction loan, TD Bank is a great option, offering single-close loans for either construction or construction and land.

TD Bank

When it comes to construction loans, there are several good options to choose from. Many lenders have a minimum deposit and credit score requirement that is flexible.

NHG offers flexible, affordable construction loans. Programs with up to 100% financing are great for cash-strapped borrowers.

This lender also makes loans to borrowers in 47 states, so borrowers can get a loan in almost any part of the country.