Best car Insurance in the State of Texas 

Texas drivers can expect to pay an annual average of $666, or $56 monthly, for minimum liability coverage.

State Farm 

State Farm is Texas' best auto insurer. The best insurers in the state are affordable and have good customer service.

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State Farm In terms of customer satisfaction, business stability, and number of successful claims, State Farm tied for first place.

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Customers who purchase insurance policies from State Farm pay an annual average premium of $924, and these policies include ridesharing coverage.

Geico insurance

GEICO is ranked third for affordability despite having an annual premium of approximately $952 and tying for first place in stability, customer satisfaction, and claims scores.

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Geico  Insurance

As an additional layer of protection, policyholders have the option to purchase mechanical breakdown insurance

Ussa insurance

USAA The typical annual premium for a full coverage policy offered by USAA is $1,403, but membership in the organisation is by invitation only

USAA offers the most affordable car insurance rates on a national scale. However, this is not the case in the state of Texas

In the state of Texas, how much does it cost to insure a car

Allstate is the most expensive insurer, with an average annual rate of $2,210. This is roughly 60% more than the state average.

These estimates for car insurance premiums are derived from research, and the actual rates you pay may vary significantly.

Young adults with Allstate auto insurance pay $919 more for women and $914 more for men than the state average.

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