It is difficult to contain children's excitement when they receive their driver's licence. They only want to get behind the wheel of a four-wheeler and zoom away in style.

Long midnight drives, weekend road trips, a quick ride with a loved one; these cherished dreams are awaiting fulfilment.

Young drivers shouldn't forget about car insurance in their excitement to drive. Follow traffic and road safety rules.

If you're new to driving or a parent worried about your ward's "first vehicle-riding experience," read on to learn about car insurance for young and new drivers.

First-time drivers can benefit from car insurance, which is mandatory. A car insurance policy is a promise made by the insurer to the policyholder.

Young drivers lack experience driving in traffic, for a long time, or in tricky conditions like winding roads or torrential rain, 

Subjective. It's hard to choose the best policy. Individual needs can be assessed and the best policy purchased.

Because it covers own damage, the Comprehensive Plan is the superior option for insuring young drivers. This fact tips the scales in the Comprehensive Plan's favour.

Repair costs are high. Without adequate car insurance, you may have to pay a lot to repair damages from an accident, flood, fire, etc.

As a result, new drivers and those purchasing new cars are advised to purchase a comprehensive plan, which provides comprehensive insurance coverage.

Young adults with Allstate auto insurance pay $919 more for women and $914 more for men than the state average.

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