The new role of motherhood has been a joy for Jennifer Lawrence.

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The Oscar winner opens up to the fashion magazine about life with her newborn son Cy in the October issue. For the first time, Lawrence discussed her pregnancy, including the baby’s gender and her and husband Cooke Maroney’s chosen name.

It’s terrifying to discuss motherhood, Lawrence said. “Simply because it varies so widely among individuals. By saying, “It was amazing from the beginning,” I may cause others to feel bad about themselves because they may have had a different experience.”

Some of her friends had warned her before the birth that she might feel sad or distant from her son at first.

Thankfully, I have a lot of trustworthy girlfriends. Who remarked, “That’s terrifying. In the beginning, it could be difficult to communicate. You could have a slow romantic start. Now that I was mentally prepared to forgive, I realized… One of my earliest memories is strolling down the street with a close friend when I was only nine months old and saying, “They keep telling me that having a baby will make me love my cat less. But that simply isn’t so. Perhaps I can love him as much as my cat.” Her words.

But this was not the case for Lawrence.

“It has opened my heart to a greater capacity than I previously realized. This includes my husband as well… Life felt fresh and new the morning after I gave birth. It’s like, right now I’m starting over. Incredulous, I could only stare. To put it simply, I was head over heels in love. Additionally, I became quite enamored with all the adorable infants I saw. To see a newborn for the first time is truly incredible. These tiny, bloated, and pink-faced survivors are doing okay. I’ve come to adore newborns in general. I used to roll my eyes when I heard a baby cry in a restaurant; now I think, “Awwww, precious.”

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