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In Texas, even the windstorms are more intense than elsewhere. On its southeast side, Texas abuts the Gulf of Mexico, making it susceptible to the high winds associated with hurricanes and tropical storms. Tornadoes and straight-line solid winds are possible in the Texas interior during the summer’s severe thunderstorms. If you own a home in Texas, you should be familiar with your policy’s provisions for wind damage.

Most standard homeowner’s policies already include coverage for damage caused by wind, making the term “windstorm insurance” a bit of a misnomer. Most of Texas’s standard homeowner’s insurance policies will cover wind damage. This wind can come from anywhere; it doesn’t have to be a hurricane or tornado. Roofs and siding are the most vulnerable parts of a house to wind damage.

Wind damage is more likely to be widespread in some parts of Texas than others. Insurance companies do not pay for wind damage in the 14 counties that touch the Gulf of Mexico. Wind coverage is a separate policy homeowner in these areas need to buy. Although this protection may be available from private insurers, you may be turned down for coverage if your home is considered too high of a risk. In such cases, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) provides insurance against wind and hail damage.

Where can I get Texas windstorm insurance?

Windstorm insurance policies are available from several insurance companies in Texas. Private insurance companies and government-funded programmes offer windstorm insurance. Here are a few Texas insurance companies that provide windstorm insurance.

Wellington Insurance Company

Windstorm insurance is available through the Wellington Coastal Insurance Program for Texas homeowners who live in high-risk areas. This policy provides coverage for a dwelling, other structures, and personal property at Replacement Cost Value (RCV). Homeowners can choose to add coverage for consequential loss, wind-driven rain, increased construction costs, and a mandatory evacuation.

Assurance Maison

Maison Insurance offers wind and hail insurance for homes that are valued between $75,000 and $750,000. It is only available to Texas homeowners who own a single-family or duplex home and do not have windstorm coverage through their home insurance policy. With Maison Insurance, required deductibles start at $500 for unnamed wind storms and max out at 5% for named storms.

TWIA: The Windstorm Insurance Association of Texas

Live in one of Texas’s high-risk counties and can’t get standard insurance from a private insurer. You may be eligible for coverage through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). Coverage for your home, belongings and other items is standard with TWIA. Commercial structures, mobile homes, condominiums, and townhouses can all be insured in their way.

At the moment, TWIA insurance is offered in 14 counties and a portion of Harris county.

  1. Aransas
  2. Brazoria
  3. Calhoun
  4. Cameron
  5. Chambers
  6. Harris (certain areas)
  7. Galveston
  8. Jefferson
  9. Kennedy
  10. Kleberg
  11. Matagorda
  12. Nueces
  13. Refugio
  14. San Patricio
  15. Willacy

TWIA is not available for all homes in Texas. The home must be in one of the 14 counties, and applicants must show proof that they were turned down for windstorm insurance by a private company.

The home must also be built according to specificspecific building codes and in good shape overall. Flood insurance is required for homes that are in certain high-risk flood zones.

Price and coverage limits are the main ways in which TWIA insurance and private windstorm insurance are different. Wind insurance from a private company may be less expensive and usually covers more. Private insurance, on the other hand, is harder to get. Before looking into TWIA, homeowners in Texas should bring their own wind insurance.

How much does Texas windstorm insurance run?

The cost of windstorm insurance varies in Texas. A TWIA policy costs about $1,750 per year, but the exact amount depends on your home’s location, age, condition, and policy coverage restrictions.

Frequently asked questions

Which Texas-based house insurance provider is the best?

Each homeowner in Texas has a different best home insurance company. For instance, some homeowners may select one provider over another because they want the best customer service, the most affordable prices, or a variety of discount possibilities. To determine which provider is best for you, Texas homeowners may wish to shop around and compare home insurance quotes.

How much protection from windstorms do I need?

You should most likely have enough windstorm protection to guarantee that it can be rebuilt if a covered windstorm damages your home. Remember that your house insurance policy usually covers wind damage, so you don’t need additional coverage unless you live in a high-risk location (although you may still have a separate windstorm deductible). Work with your agent to choose the right coverage level if you need a different windstorm policy.

Does my automobile have windstorm coverage?

Windstorm insurance does not cover vehicle damage; it only covers your residence. After a hurricane or windstorm, your car’s damages will be covered by a comprehensive auto insurance policy. Falling objects also come within this category. For instance, comprehensive coverage would pay for the losses if your garage roof collapsed during a hurricane and your car was destroyed.

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