what technology is available in Samsung frost free refrigerator?

A modern refrigerator uses a small amount of electric current to make a magnetic field that holds the refrigerator door shut. This makes it “frost-free” (since frost forms in the air, not in a sealed space).

Samsung has launched several frost-free refrigerator models. These refrigerators feature a new evaporator technology that prevents freezing of the evaporator coil. The compressor and fan work continuously in such a system to ensure cooling. If a major blockage in cooling lines occurs, the microprocessor detects the lack of cooling and automatically shuts down the defrosting cycle. A manual defrost feature is also available in some models.

It’s all about the evaporator coil. In a frost-free refrigerator with a standard evaporator coil, humidity from the fresh food is extracted and leaves the coil as water vapor.

The coil is cooled by a fan, which blows air over it, and the air is then circulated throughout the rest of the refrigerator. The problem with this type of evaporator coil is that as the air cools, it also loses its humidity.

The air can pass over the evaporator coil only once, so the humidity is not completely removed. This leaves the coil’s surface a little damp, so it freezes and collects the frost you see inside the refrigerator.

In a frost-free refrigerator, the coil is made with coils that have holes in them. The air is blown over the coils and then passes through the holes. The air is not allowed to pass over the coils again, so they stay dry.

Samsung’s Frost-free refrigerator maximizes the freshness of your food by automatically destroying any ice build-up occurring naturally from excess moisture.

Since there is no need to defrost manually, you save on time, money, and effort. It’s important when launching a new product or service because it lets potential customers know you are offering them an automatic solution for a common problem.

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