Queen Elizabeth II’s children in a poignant reunion walk

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All four of Queen Elizabeth II’s children were spotted in public for the first time since their mother’s death in Balmoral.

As the hearse carrying the Queen’s body made its way through Edinburgh toward St. Giles’ Cathedral, the King, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward all walked behind it.

The scene was heartbreaking. The kids are following their mother’s casket. At that very moment, kids of any age are just kids again.

Additionally, they appeared more formal and sluggish than usual, walking in lockstep, followed by cameras and ceremonial guards.

As they ascended the Royal Mile, they did so in a somber mood. Both parents passed away within the past 18 months. Even with the world’s media eyes on you, you’ll feel very alone.

A quiet dignity was also present. The 72-year-old Princess Anne, dressed in her Royal Navy ceremonial uniform, has followed behind her mother’s coffin ever since it left the privacy of Balmoral. She plans to remain there until after the Queen’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey.

Like weddings, funerals bring people together as a family once again. However, in the past few days, the roles of these royal siblings have been drastically altered.

When his mother passed away, King Charles was forced to start a new chapter in his life. At 73 years old, he’s taken on one of the most visible positions in the world.

Now the focal point of attention as both commander-in-chief and chief mourner, he strode forward, brandishing a field marshal’s baton.

His uniform still bore the Queen’s logo, which his initials would replace in due time.

Along with his private mourning, he has had a busy schedule of public and private meetings, traveling to speak with politicians and planners, and juggling his new duties as King with his part in the preparations for the funeral.

He is thrust into the spotlight at a time when he would rather be in the shadows.

As Charles and his heirs ascend to power, the other members of the royal family are gradually pushed to the background because they are no longer the monarch’s offspring and must give way to Charles and his heirs under the hereditary principle. Royal limbs that are far apart

The 62-year-old prince was also making their way uphill. Although he was still equipped with his medals, he was not wearing a military uniform, unlike his siblings.

He stared ahead, possibly contemplating how his own life had shifted.

Walking through the touristy areas of Edinburgh, they could enjoy the city without the crowds. There were even more people today, but there was a calm curiosity about them.

Horses’ hooves clopped on the cobblestones, and a sea of mobile phones was held aloft by onlookers attempting to capture a brief moment in time as it passed them by.

Then, the coffin and the Queen’s children entered the cathedral for a service with hymns, music, and prayers, accompanied by more pomp and salutes.

Later on Monday evening, the four children gathered together again in a silent vigil facing outwards from the mother’s coffin in the cathedral for the Vigil of the Princes—a long-standing tradition last performed during the Queen Mother’s funeral. They bowed their heads privately in mourning as people streamed past to pay their respects.

The coffin had traveled with flowers on top, including from the Queen’s estate in Balmoral. A crown was added for the first time, the grandeur stepping up at each part of the journey, culminating next week in a state funeral.

The church is named after Saint Giles, and maybe the royal siblings might have envied his lifestyle. He was a hermit who lived in the woods where no one could find him.

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