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Direct Auto Insurance Review 2022

Direct Auto insurance was a good option for people who only needed the bare minimum in terms of coverage (formerly known as Direct General). But as policyholders add more protection, rates are likely to rise to a point where they are no longer competitive with other insurers.

Direct Auto Insurance promotes the fact that it will insure almost anyone, even those with poor driving records or a DUI conviction. High-risk drivers can get an SR-22 and maybe some other coverage from the insurer that will help them out and may even encourage some drivers to switch to them.

How much does direct auto insurance cost per month?

Direct Auto Insurance premiums are flexible and adapt to the policyholder’s needs. According to ValuePenguin, if you only need the bare minimum in auto insurance, Direct Auto is an excellent and reasonably priced choice. Full coverage with Direct Auto Insurance, however, is comparably more expensive. Even though Direct Auto is known for covering drivers with shaky insurance histories, customers who have had only one accident may find better deals elsewhere.

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Direct Auto Insurance Protection

The insurer’s basic protections meet most states’ mandatory bodily injury and property damage liability requirements. Drivers in at-fault states can also purchase personal injury protection (PIP) coverage from Direct Auto.

Direct Auto Insurance offers a few extra features that policyholders can add to a standard policy in addition to the required coverage.

Reimbursement for rental

It pays for the cost of a rental car if the insured vehicle is rendered inoperable due to a covered loss.


The insured can choose how much they will be reimbursed for towing costs if their car breaks down.


The policy pays $5,000 to the insured’s beneficiaries after death as a result of a covered accident.

Car insurance discounts from Direct Auto

Direct Auto Insurance may be more expensive than its competitors, but the insurer also provides a variety of ways for policyholders to save money.

Direct Auto Insurance offers its customers a variety of ways to save money on car insurance. Military personnel may benefit the most, as they are eligible for policy discounts of up to a quarter. Additionally, shoppers can save money by:

  • Having had no accidents for at least three years,
  • As a student, you must have at least a B average.
  • Completing an accident prevention course as someone over the age of 55
  • Direct Auto provides coverage for more than one vehicle.
  • Having a vehicle with fewer than 15,000 miles on it.
  • Combining car insurance and life insurance
  • owning the residence where the insured vehicle is kept.
  • I’m returning to Direct Auto Insurance after a six-month break with another company.
  • Being a member of a group that has a partnership with Direct Auto Insurance

Auto Direct Insurance Reviews

Ratings and feedback from Direct Auto’s car insurance policyholders, along with evidence of the company’s direct auto insurance customer service, are not well-regarded. Having a complaint index of 2.49 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) indicates that the insurer receives more than twice as many complaints as the average insurer. Most customers were unhappy with Direct Auto because of the wait times.

According to J.D. Power’s ranking of auto insurers in the South, Direct Auto came in dead last. It was ranked number 14 out of a total of 18 insurance providers.

Direct Auto has an “excellent” credit rating from A.M. Best, so policyholders shouldn’t worry about the company failing to meet its financial commitments, including the payment of claims.

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